Aprea Therapeutics is focused on the development of novel therapeutic agents that induce p53-mediated cancer cell death by restoring normal function to mutated p53. Our lead candidate, APR-246, is a small molecule that binds, refolds and stabilizes mutant p53 so that it may carry out the critical protective functions of normal p53.

Therapeutic rescue of dysfunctional p53 provides important advantages:

  • Tumor suppression activity is restored in cancer cells, allowing for efficient elimination of tumor burden
  • Activity and function of normal p53 is not impacted, thereby minimizing effects on healthy cells
  • Tumor cells are sensitized to standard chemotherapy and other therapeutic agents, boosting efficacy and potentially overcoming resistance
  • The mechanism of action is relevant in multiple tumor types and therapeutic benefit can be achieved in many different cancers

We have conducted extensive preclinical research on APR-246 in support of continued development.

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Clinical studies with APR-246

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